Friday, March 31, 2006

Racism in Britain

Racism in Britain - Protests over Leeds University Lecturer Claims that Black People have Inferior Intelligence

Frank Ellis, lecturer at Leeds University, has stated publicly that Black people are of inferior intelligence. Why is this man still employed? Why has he not been arrested under the Race Relations Act? I want everyone to be able to live peacefully, in harmony with one another. I am sure you do too. This is why I am practicing Creative Communication (NVC). - Zhana

The University of Leeds announced yesterday that the Russian and Slavonic Studies lecturer Frank Ellis, who said that black people have low intelligence, is to face disciplinary action. The move follows relentless pressure from students and staff on campus as well as anti-racist, anti-fascist and black pressure groups across the country. Click here for more info.

Now Leeds University are holding a diversity conference. Can you say ‘English hypocrisy’? - Zhana

Simon Woolley, a regular Black Britain columnist, submitted an editorial yesterday which we published, telling of his shock and disbelief that the University of Leeds had invited him to a conference in July called: Democracy and Diversity, amidst the growing protests over their failure to sack Frank Ellis. The conference, an all-day event organised by Audrey Osler, aimed to bring together African American guests and other black leaders in regards to delivering a multi-cultural education. Click here to read more.

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