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2007 - Commemorating the End of the Transatlantic Trade

2007 will see the commemoration of the end of the transatlantic trade in African people. To mark this anniversary, I am seeking articles by writers and artists of African heritage about the relationship between African Diasporic/Black history and artistic expression by people of African heritage.

Click here to read the Poem, "The Blood", which explores these themes. It takes a few moments to load.

In your article, you may wish to explore your own experience of enslavement and/or emancipation as an artist. You may also wish to discuss the themes of enslavement and/or emancipation as dealt with in your work.

Please submit your article for consideration for my new website. This project is funded by Arts Council England.

In partnership with Yaa Asantewa Arts Centre.

For more details, send an e-mail to

See also: Arts event, The Blood.

Len Garrison, founder of the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, is one of the people interviewed in the e-book Black Success Stories. Garrison spent many years collecting documents and images which recorded the experience of African people in Africa, the Caribbean and Britain. His work explored colonisation, enslavement, and resistance as well as the search for identity.

Jak Dodd, author of the Nubian Jak Black history board game, is also interviewed in Black Success Stories.

To order Black Success Stories, visit

Jak Dodd, author of the Nubian Jak Black history board game, is also interviewed in Black Success Stories.

The 2007 Bicentenary Cross-Community Forum was initiated by Rendezvous of Victory (ROV), an African led organisation working closely with both grass roots and mainstream institutions, in partnership with Anti-Slavery International and the World Development Movement. This e-bulletin is part of the on-going work of the Cross-Community Forum.

The Spring 2006 bulletin contains many informative articles. To get your copy, contact:

The deadline for the next e-bulletin is Wednesday 14 June 2006.

For further information, please email them at the same address or call 07984 996784 (or leave a message on 020 7738 3186).

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