Thursday, October 26, 2006

African American Leadership: Recovery for the New Millennium

Joseph Chapman of Columbus, OH (a former addict in recovery for more than 13 years) has developed in conjunction with a non-profit corporation, an Afrocentric recovery program called "Recovery for the new millennium." Mr. Chapman states passionately, "The 'Recovery for the new millennium' goes beyond the traditional 12 step approach and looks at the vestiges of deep seated inferiority complexes and how African American addicts are also simultaneously facing poverty, slave mentalities, poor education and a lack of marketable job skills."

Dr. Alvin Poussaint on a controversial PBS special commented, "Of the two million people in jail, about 45 percent are African-American, most have been males. Of the homicides in the country, about 45 percent are African-American males, mostly killing other black people and black males. So there is a crisis, and the dropout rate from high school is still very high. It's better, but it gets camouflaged in the statistics. In Baltimore again, 50 percent of 9th graders don't graduate from high school. Well, if you get pockets like that in urban areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, there's a serious problem for the black community."

Joseph Chapman states discerningly, "The need for new African American leadership to address the above-mentioned problems in an unfeigned substantial way that does not continue in the blame game is imperative." Mr. Chapman has also created a recovery from dysfunctionality program that is designed to combat and alleviate the crisis in the African American community. Mr. Chapman has developed - through thorough exhaustive research and perspicacious insight - practical tools, CDs, DVD's, lectures, and workshops in order to facilitate the instituting of the necessary mental, emotional, and behavioral changes that need to take place in the African American community. Joseph Chapman goes on to say unwaveringly, "People need real workable tools in order to facilitate real workable change in their life situation."
CONTACT:Joseph Chapman AS, BS, MBA614-668-2075

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