Saturday, November 10, 2007

Conversations with Interesting Black People

I love publishing. I get to meet so many interesting people, online and offline.

I love discovering more and more interesting and successful people of African heritage. Coaches, mentors, people who motivate others and who are willing to share their secrets with my readers and me.

I got a message from Bro Bedford, author of Conversations with Black Millionaires, the other day. He basically said, 'Well done, keep up the good work'. It was so kind - he didn't have to say this. He doesn't even know me! That one message put a smile on my face all day.

You can download his free eBook, How to Be a Black Entrepreneur, from my site at

By the way, you can read an interview with Black millionaire Randal Pinkett at:

Another person I have met online is Sandra Rafaela, who publishes the Black Authors page on her site for Afro European Sisters. Check this out:

She has a new site, Women of the African Diaspora, which she has put together with Adrianne George of Black Women in Europe:

Looking to Publish Inspirational and Motivational Articles

I am seeking nonfiction articles by and about people of African descent for publication in my More Black Success series of eBooks.

If you have an inspirational or motivational article or true story to tell, check this out:

Themes may include:

· overcoming blocks and obstacles
· mistakes and what you have learned from them
· what inspires you
· how you keep going when things are tough
· yoga
· meditation
· healing
· complimentary therapy
· Kwanzaa
· African traditions

For more details, contact

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