Monday, December 10, 2007

The Most Popular Social Network in the World

Direct Matches is the largest and most popular social network in the world. It’s free to join and will bring you thousands of visitors.

You can join Direct Matches from

Here are 12 ways you can get the most from your membership.

(1) If you are new to Direct Matches, make sure you create a profile, as you will get loads of visitors checking out your profile. Make sure you check out theirs, too.

(2) Whether or not you are new, every time you get a visitor, contact that person and ask him or her for feedback. Say, ‘What did you think of my profile?” You can tell who your most recent visitors were by clicking on My Profile Traffic.

(3) Always be polite, courteous, and professional in your communications.

(4) When someone joins up through your link, always visit their profile and ask them how they are finding Direct Matches. Ask them if they need any help and try to give any help or practical advice they may need, or point them in the right direction. You can tell who joined through your link by visiting your BackOffice and clicking on the link for Binary Genealogy (Tree).

(5) When you visit someone’s profile, ask yourself how you can help this person. Maybe you send them a link to a blog, or forum posting, that will help their business. When you like what you see, say so.

(6) Send them an e-mail or, if you are their approved contact, post a comment on their comments page. When you praise someone, don’t just say ‘I like your profile’. Say what you like about it: Is it the colours? The wording? Their story? Or the service they are offering?

(7) Everyone is on Direct Matches in order to sell goods or services and make money. Be different. Your mission is to help other DM members.

(8) When you help someone, you are building a relationship. This person may refer others to you. Or you can ask the person for a reference which you can add to your website. The more people you help, the more referrals you will get.

(9) Posting classified ads will also bring visitors to your profile. Offer free goods or services which others can use to promote their businesses. For example, I offer a free Advanced Traffic System. You can use this to promote any program or opportunity.
Advanced Traffic System

(10) Post blogs. Don’t just post about your business. Post things that will be of interest, of use and of value to other DM members. The same goes for forum postings. Become a resource. Be the person people come to for information.
(11) Don’t just promote your own business. Promote others’ as well if you think they are valuable. For example, I give away How to Be a Black Entrepreneur and link to Conversations with Black Millionaires on my site.
Free eBooks

(12) Enjoy Direct Matches and have fun!

You can join Direct Matches from

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Will do Zhana. I also support and am an AAffiliate for Conversations with Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs

Good to meet you

Anthony Stewart