Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tasing in Hyde Park

When I said in my recent blog about the Day of Blogging for Justice that tasers had not come to the UK, I was wrong.

You have probably read in the papers that on Thursday, 31st July, about 300 young people – most of whom didn’t know each other - attended a water fight in Hyde Park which had been organised on Facebook. All good clean fun. Until one young lady splashed someone who didn’t like it. He punched her. Knocked her to the ground. Then fights broke out, the police descended, arrests were made and someone was tased. I don’t know if the person was Black or white. But tasers are in use on these shores.

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SerenityLife said...

What? I was unaware of this situation. So many unfortunate tasering incidents in the USA scares me sometimes from even wanting to go out to big events.

If a 6 year old is tasered then who is safe?