Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Keep Crying - Great Post-Election Videos

When I see scenes of these crowds of people celebrating Obama's victory, I cry. I can't help it. I am so emotional about this. This election result is a victory for everyone. Here in London, people keep coming up to me and congratulating me.

My fellow AfroSpear member African American Political Pundit (AAPP) made these videos of people the day after Election Day:

The status quo has been shaken to its very core.

First Time Voter Aged 60+

Young Black Voters Barack the Vote

Interview with a Woman Soldier

Here are some more interesting videos. Like Whoopi Goldberg, and a lot of other people, I did not, in my heart of hearts, believe I would see this day in my lifetime.

The View on Obama

Mobs of people in Washington, DC celebrate Obama’s Win

Just goes to show that anything is possible. There are no limits to what we can achieve. Just like I'm always saying. Turns out it's true!

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