Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hatred of Black Women

What is with the hatred of Black women?

The latest victim (that we've heard about) is the London woman who was scheduled for execution in Laos. They have let her off now - at last - but only because she is pregnant!


She got pregnant in jail. She was accused of drug trafficking, but her friends say she has never touched drugs.

A couple of years ago, there was the woman in northern Nigeria who was threatened with being stoned to death.

But before we expect others to love and appreciate us, we need to learn to love and appreciate ourselves. I am told many sistas jumped on Rihanna after her bloke (allegedly) beat her up. And look what happened when Tyson raped that young sista. So many women blamed her.

If this is how we treat each other, we can't be surprised when others abuse, exploit and oppress us. Can we?

We need to learn to love, appreciate and value ourselves and each other. Seriously, yall, this is life and death.

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