Monday, November 16, 2009

Hidden Histories: Black People and WWII

As you may know, I attended the presentation on How Black People Won World War II by Tony Warner at the Imperial War Museum yesterday.

Often, we are not told about aspects of our history. Every time I attend one of Brother Tony's presentations, I learn more valuable information.

I enjoy not only his detailed and extensive knowledge, but also his enthusiasm for his subject.

It is vital that we continue to uncover these hidden histories – these stories which have been obscured or forgotten. Knowledge of our history and ancestral heritage is vital for our self-esteem and confidence.

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In my book Black Success Stories Volume 1, I interviewed Len Garrison, founder of the Black Cultural Archives in South London. He describes how, when Black people in the 1970s started offering to donate their artefacts to museums, they were told "We are not collecting this type of material". So, off his own bat and without any funding or training in this area, he set up the Black Cultural Archives.

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