Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day of Blogging for Justice against Taser Torture

I did not blog on the Day of Justice this time because I feel all blogged-out about this issue. I want to focus more on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem.

Having said that, I fully support my fellow AfroSpear members in their continued work around this issue. Their blogging around this issue is highly important in raising awareness and mobilising and galvanising for action. Unfortunately, we will probably have to keep having these Days of Justice until real change occurs.

I am a Buddhist. I am against all violence on principle. I am also aware that it is perfectly possible (although often not easy) to find nonviolent means to end conflicts. Where there's a will, there's a way. To read more of my thoughts about this, see my previous blog: Ending the Violence through a Creative Response.

See also: Healing Our Communities.

Some of the blogs of note on this most recent Day of Blogging for Justice include:

So when will the cops start using tasers in Beverly Hills?

Tasering of another 10-year-old Black Women in Europe: Stop Taser Torture

Purple Zoe: Ban Taser Torture Eddie Griffin: Stop Taser Torture

Lots more are listed at AAPP's blog Stop Taser Torture.

Check them out and add your voice if you would like to - this is an ongoing issue.

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Villager said...

Two more taser-related deaths this weekend. I hope that any potential solutions are laid on the table for consideration...

peace, Villager