Monday, August 09, 2010

Making a Quantum Leap (Part 2)

Caribbean Food Made EasyWhen Levi Roots was approached by a researcher to appear on the TV show Dragons' Den, his children told him not to do it. But he went ahead and did it anyway.

Dragons' Den gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch to "dragons" - business leaders who may invest in their businesses. This investment will lead to the entrepreneur being able to develop a product and/or expand his or her business.

Jamaican-born Levi had been known and respected as a reggae musician and singer for many years. In 2006, he decided to explore other avenues, as he needed to earn more money, he was deep in debt and was struggling financially. So he started promoting his Reggae Reggae Sauce more widely. He is not a trained chef; his food products are based on family recipes.

He appeared on Dragons' Den playing the guitar and singing about his spicy sauce.

He was willing to take a risk. This is crucial to making your quantum leap. You will feel scared and unsure, but if you take a risk, you are on your way to making a quantum leap and achieving amazing results. To read more about this, see The Higher Self.

Taking that risk has led to Levi becoming a millionaire. He still performs music, and emphasises the importance of doing what you love, and are passionate about.

Over 10 million bottles of Reggae Reggae Sauce have now been sold, and Levi Roots's company has produced many other products, including chutneys and relishes. But says, "It's not just about my brand. It's about exposing Caribbean food. It's a great cuisine".

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