Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black People 26 Times More Likely to Be Stopped by Police

Black Success Stories Volume 1Saw comic Stephen K Amos on The Wright Stuff on Monday reveal the recent report that Black people are 26 times more likely to be stopped by the police than members of other groups.

26 times!!!!


We’re not even one percent of the population!

I knew we were more likely to be stopped, but, say it with me:

Is this really the best use of police resources????

Plus, I have recently seen Matthew Wright question why there has been so much coverage of the police’s shooting of barrister Mark Saunders when shootings of Black people are substantially more frequent, yet barely get a mention.

In fact, I’ve heard him say it twice!

Well done, Matthew. Right on. You have obviously learned something.

What a pity Henry Bonsu has disappeared from your shows after being a regular panelist for so long. To read more about this, see my interview with Henry in Black Success Stories.

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