Monday, December 06, 2010

Dealing with Difficult People

Success Strategies for Black PeopleMany years ago, I was teaching a Study Skills module on a Black Studies course for adults.

One student on the course complained about everything on the course. I mean literally every single thing. The way the essay questions were worded, everything. She constantly, ceaselessly criticised and found fault.

This was obviously frustrating for those of us who were trying to deliver the course. Another tutor had told her she should not come back, and I completely agreed with him. But she just saw this as something else to complain about.

With the wisdom that comes from experience and perspective, I now realise that this was an example of what I talk about in my book Success Strategies: Love always brings up its opposite for healing.

When we encounter something positive, or when we start to move towards our goals, we become more aware of what is getting in our way - our fears, anxieties and negative tendencies.

Our tendency is to blame others, but really, we need to look within and deal with our own negativity.

This is nothing to worry about. In fact, it is positive - the more aware we are of our negativity, the more we can deal with it, move forward and continue to make progress.

We all encounter difficult people from time to time. You may find that people around you become more difficult during the holiday season.

The important thing is to notice when we are the difficult ones.

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