Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Panel of Experts

We had a great show on Saturday's What You Need to Know. If you missed it, Click here to listen to the recording.

We had a very impressive panel of experts, and we will continue to work together to offer you help, advice and support.

There was so much wisdom coming from our guests.

We were joined by:

T. Murray, author of the Stuck on Stupid books. Click here for her website.

Karen Shablin - Have you been laid off from your job? Check out Loving Your Layoff by Karen Shablin. Click here for her website.

Nadia Mathews, author of How I Let Her Steal My Husband

Terry Carter, founder of the Travertine Spa Collection and author of the forthcoming book How I Changed Careers. Click here for his website.

Dr. Veronica Glass, author of Use Your Buckets - 12 Life Lessons for Success

Theron J. Jackson, author of Never Be Nothing. Click here for his website. He was once told by a Black woman teacher he would "never be nothing".

Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball, author of Seeds for the Harvest of a Lifetime. Click here for her website.

Lisa Sims, author of Stretching a Dollar to Make Thousands, a guide for entrepreneurs.

And of course, my co-presenter, Joan Gosier, author of Cotton Pickin' Paycheck. She will be interviewing our guests on her blog at Overground Railroad.

We have so many strategies and resources available to us to make the most of our potential and achieve our unlimnited possibilities.

Here's to your success!

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