Monday, July 11, 2011

A Great Way to Reach Teachers and Students

If you want to reach school pupils, teachers and educators with your work, Squidoo is a highly effective way to do so.

Get started now so that you will be up and running by the time school starts again in September.

My Black history lenses (articles) are my most popular articles on Squidoo. Sometimes they get hundreds of hits in a month. This is because people are interested in reading and learning about Black history, and Squidoo lenses are an excellent place to begin or expand their research.

Some of my Black history lenses include:

Black History International – This one contains Black history polls and links to other lenses.

London Black History Walks – focus on Black British history

Naij - A Film History of Nigeria

News and Views: ANC Welcomes Ruling - this lens includes reviews of films made in secret under apartheid in South Africa.

I have quite a few more.

Squidoo is one of the online resources people use when seeking information. If your lenses are "G" rated, people of any age can read them.

Squidoo lenses (articles) are highly targetted. This means the only people who visit them are the ones who are interested in your subject.

If you want to become established as an expert in your field, Squidoo is a great way to get started.

Plus, if you have products or services to sell, you can link to them from your Squidoo pages.

Click here to get started for free by building a Squidoo lens.

Click here if you are looking for ideas for things to write about. See also: Write Your Book in Two Days (you can use this for writing articles, essays or blogs).

Click here for more suggestions about how to make your lenses interesting and keep people coming back.

Here’s to your success!

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