Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Best, Most Highly Effective Methods for Black People (Part 5)

Part 4 is about building on your past achievements to attract greater success. Click here to read it.

This is the final part of this series.

Strategy 6 – Be True to Yourself

Strategy 6 is, in some ways, the most important strategy of all.

Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Be authentic.

Many times, we try to fit in with what other people want. We try to meet other people’s expectations. If you were raised on a system of rewards and punishments, you probably have this problem, at least to some extent.

The school system tends to reinforce this pattern. Rewards and punishments are used to control children’s behaviour.

So, you may need to unlearn this pattern.

My parents’ generation tended to try to fit in with what they thought white people wanted. This was a survival strategy. They thought that, as long as they played by white people’s rules, they would be able to survive and thrive. But there was a terrible price to pay, as they lost a sense of who they were.

Another thing we tend to do is to fit in with our ideas of “what Black people do”, and avoid doing “what Black people don’t do”. This is called group mentality. To read more about this, see The Key to Confidence.

As long as you are trying to fit in with the group, you will never truly be honouring your own uniqueness.

Learn to love yourself, appreciate yourself and value yourself.

You are a unique individual. There has never been anyone just like you before, and there never will be again.

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