Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Blogger: Black Women in Europe

Adrianne George of the Black Women in Europe blog is one of the most helpful and creative bloggers I have met online. I am very pleased to have been able to interview Adrianne about Black Women in Europe in my new ebook Secrets of the Black Bloggers.

It is so important for us as people of African heritage to celebrate one another’s achievements and contributions. We can learn so much from each other.

The Black Women in Europe blog consistently seeks out and acknowledges the achievements of Black women.

Like all the bloggers interviewed in Secrets of the Black Bloggers, Adrianne talks about

- what to blog about
- how often to blog
- how to get traffic to your blog

and much more.

To read my interview with Adrianne, click here to download your copy of Secrets of the Black Bloggers now.

Plus click here for an audio interview with Adrianne about Black Women in Europe.

Click here to read about the Black blogger as modern griot.



Unknown said...

Zhana - Outstanding! I met Adrianne when I first became a blogger back in the day. She is truly a remarkable sister who uses her online voice to make a positive difference for women of African descent living in Europe. I've never been to Europe ... so most of the women she highlights would never otherwise enter into my world. Thanx for doing what you do to highlight these marvelous Black bloggers!

peace, Villager

Black Women in Europe said...

Thank you! Your work is extremely inspirational and I applaud you for shining the light on our brothers and sisters. Keep up the good work.

Zhana21 said...

I agree with your comments, Villager. Adrianne is truly remarkable.

Zhana21 said...

I a delighted to have you in the book, Adrianne. Isn't it great that we are inspiring each other.