Monday, May 21, 2012

Diane Abbott MP on Free Speech

Diane Abbott MP on The Wright Stuff talked about free speech and "political correctness" this morning.  

Matthew Wright asked her if she feels free to say what she wants, and she said that she does, but as a politician she has to be careful about expressing her views.  What she would say in private to her friends is not what she would say in public.  (Isn't this true of all of us?)  

Diane Abbott, the first Black woman to be elected to the House of Commons, is one of the people I interviewed in Black Success Stories

You may recall she apologised for tweeting that "white people love playing divide and rule".  I personally do not think she should have apologised.  Click here to read more

Abbott also said that some words are always offensive; however, it is also a question of context.  

Meanwhile, Asian comedienne Shazia Mirza stated that what she says about herself and her community is one thing, but if someone else calls her a "Paki" - and they have - that would be a different thing.  

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