Monday, July 02, 2012

Black Men Denied Condoms in Prison

Black men in prison are at increased risk of contracting HIV and other STIs as a result of violent sexual assault, according to a study on prison health recently released by the Centers for Disease Control

Black (African American) men are contracting HIV in prison through sexual activity and through sharing needles when using intravenous drugs.

This has been going on for many years. When they leave prison, many Black men are going back into the community and conducting heterosexual relationships. This is one of the main ways in which African American women are contracting HIV. 

I read MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO that the fastest-growing group of people who would be contracting HIV were – you guessed it – Black women. This is true in Africa as well as the diaspora.

In other words, it was predicted and could have been prevented.

What I only found out very recently is that, in many prisons in the U.S., prisoners are not allowed to use condoms. This means people are being infected with HIV right now, and it COULD BE PREVENTED.

Sorry to shout, but I feel very passionate about this.

It's not only Black men who are being denied condoms in the majority of U.S. prisons. This applies to all prisoners.

But the numbers of Black prisoners – people of African heritage in prison – is disproportionate to our numbers in the population. This is true on both sides of the Atlantic.

The UK government, in preparation for the Olympics, is bringing in repressive measures including 24-hour courts. Click here to read more about this.

This is effectively establishing a police state. They are cracking down in order to prevent demonstrations. So anyone who disagrees with government policies may find himself or herself behind bars.

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Unknown said...

There are two best ways to prevent the spreading of the disease to black women – Black men should avoid having sex while in prison or provide them with free condoms while they are detained.

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