Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mistake Most Jobseekers Make

Debo Ajose-Adeogun photo from the London Evening Standard
Yesterday, the London Evening Standard reported on graduates having to take menial jobs as they cannot find even entry-level employment in their fields.  

In the Black community, this is certainly not news. It has been going on for many years - even generations. 

The article focused on London-based Debo Ajose-Adeogun, a Nigerian architecture graduate.  He worked hard for three years to complete his degree, then spent all day every day online looking for work.  

The mistake he is making is that he is responding to job ads and writing off to companies asking for employment opportunities.  Most job seekers make the same mistake.

It's fine to write off to companies, just don't expect to land a job that way - unless you know what to say in your letter. 

The majority of jobs are never advertised.  This means we need to have better strategies for finding work.  For more about this, click here for my free report, Four Steps to Finding the Job You Want.  The report explains how you can stop chasing after jobs and start having employers chase you. 

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