Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Partying in Brixton on Thatcher's Death

They were partying in Brixton last night, along with Bristol and Glasgow.  And I don't blame them.  Former UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher is dead at last.  

This is the same Maggie Thatcher who: 

- closed the mines, the steel works and the shipyards; 
- put more than three million people out of work; 
- devastated communities - in some families; no one has had a job for nearly 30 years; 
- created the current housing crisis by not allowing local councils to replace housing stock  
   they sold off under "Right to Buy" legislation; 
- introduced the Poll Tax; 
- deregulated the financial services industry,  which contributed to the current economic 
- abolished the GLC and the other Metropolitan County Councils;
- created a culture governed by greed, selfishness and the "me-first" mentality.  

And lest we forget, the 1981 Brixton riots happened on her watch. 

I could go on.  I feel for her family members, but I mostly feel for the rest of Britain, the majority of whom are still suffering under the legacy of Thatcher.  

Brixton people know how to party, and the Ritzy Cinema joined in the fun.  Watch the video below for more.  

Shame it came 30 years too late. 


jmsmith said...

My Irish friends here in NYC were partying as well. Ms. Thatcher was a cold out of touch with the average citizen person like Ronald Reagen. The pain she caused wasn't felt in her social circles. Don't know why they called her the Iron Lady. Cold-hearted Lady would have been more appropriate.

Zhana21 said...

Thank you for your comment. I think she was called the Iron Lady because she was seen as cold, hard, unfeeling and inflexible.