Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Is Black Really Beautiful?

Below is my review of the new documentary Beauty Is, from director Toyin Agbetu of Ligali.  

Beauty Is explores the relationship people of the African Diaspora, and all African people,  have with beauty.  

Our quest for beauty influences:  
- our health
- our economics
- our relationships and
- our self-esteem

and the film explores all of those areas.  

This is a very important film, and we need to keep having these conversations.  

There is a link to the Ligali anti-skin-bleaching campaign below.  

I will be interviewing the Director of Beauty Is, Toyin Agbetu, soon, so stay tuned!  

You can listen to my review below.  

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1 comment:

Ani said...

Thank you, Zhana, for that excellent review. I hope that more people listen to it, and comment on it. More specifically, I would like to hear others' suggestions as how to move the dialogue can we indicate to society as a whole that we are proud of our skin color and our hair texture? How can we resist what society is telling us? Any ideas?