Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kwanzaa 2014 Events

It's that time again!  I am listing Kwanzaa events in the U.S. and internationally on my Kwanzaa website.

In addition to Kwanzaa events in the U.S., I have included events in the UK, Canada and South Africa.

If you are holding a Kwanzaa event, or are aware of one, and don't see it listed, leave the details in the comments section below and I'll add it to the list.  

You can also find information on the history of Kwanzaa, plus background info and lots of gift ideas - books, music, DVDs and more. 


Anonymous said...

this came in so handy. Thankyou very much all the way from the UK.

We are doing a "Reasoning" radio show discussing Kwaanza principles etc. Please feel free to check us out.

www.ujrfm.com or search urban jazz radio.. 8pm to 10pm or 12-2PM if your in the USA..

Thanks again.
Sister Eva

Zhana21 said...

Thanks for this. What is the date of the show?

Unfortunately, your link is not working.

Zhana21 said...

What is your Twitter handle?