Monday, June 22, 2015

New Review of What They Don't Want Us to Know.

What They Don't Want Us to Know
I have just received a new review of my ebook, What They Don't Want Us to Know.  You can read it below. 

I wrote What They Don't Want Us to Know several years ago and I recently updated it.  There is an urgency to this work, as more and more Black people are being killed by the police and the authorities (and, it seems, any random white person).  Plus there are many other ongoing issues which affect our communities.  For more about this, click here to download Why We Need to Heal, which is a free download.  Our communities need practical, effective solutions. 

Plus click here for your free sample chapter on Achieving Success.  

Here's the review: 

There are those in life that have a special calling, a calling that beckons us to seek out ways to enrich and improve their lives so that they may do the same for others. People such as this, with this burning desire in life, often find themselves in roles such as mentors, gurus, teachers, educators, and even parents. I myself am a parent and I have learned (be it the hard way) that in order for me to be able to be the best mother, the best sister, the best friend, the best daughter, and the best me I could be will require that I work towards improving myself in every aspect of my being.

We all want to have it all, but why does it seem so elusive and hard to obtain? Maybe it is because our whole lives, we have been living under the illusion that the key to our happiness lies in some external source, when in all actuality genuine, undying happiness sprouts forth from within.

What They Don’tWant Us to Know is a book that addresses those components of the lives of Black people - people of African heritage - that are most important in pursuing the best you. The chapters on Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Manifestation are only a few of the many nuggets of wisdom lent in this book that you can implement into your journey toward self-discovery. Learning how to release negative blockages, limiting beliefs, and fears were lessons I found to be highly beneficial to my overall wellbeing.

All of the information granted in this well-written, comprehensive guide will lead Black readers down a path towards lasting joy, peace, abundance, and prosperity in ways that are easy to implement into the busiest of lifestyles. I enjoyed the thoroughness of Zhana’s writing and the way she conveys a message of this complexity and proportion in an engaging and entertaining manner. Excellent read and I highly recommend this book to people of African heritage who strive to make positive change today for a better future tomorrow - for ourselves, for our families, for our communities and for humanity!

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