Saturday, October 24, 2015

8 Ways To Get POSITIVE Results

Derrick Hayes
 By Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

This blog post is part of the Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence 2015.  

With all the negativity that is surrounding us each day, we need more positive outlets to plug into. Through the word POSITIVE I give you 8 Ways To Get POSITIVE Results.

(P) is for Pause. When you see something that is not right or in your best interests, stop before you proceed. Take a break and collect your thoughts so you can take the right actions. Always remember to pause for the cause.

(O) is for Own. When you own your own business. As an entrepreneur, it gives you more of an incentive to go to work. As an employee, you get taxed without having the benefits of being a sole proprietor where you can receive takes breaks .As a homeowner,  you get takes breaks that you don’t get as a renter.

(S) is for Stay. One way to stay positive is to stay who you are. If you are already positive, remember to stay humble. Stay alert so that you will stay out of trouble.

(I) is for Include. When you plan an activity, invite other positive people to be a part of your event. The group can feed off each other. When one is in doubt another can help them out.

(T) is for Think. Keep grinning and winning by thinking like a winner and not a beginner. When situations come up again, think about how you made it through the last time.

(I) is for Improve. Analyze your life before others do. Take a class or even ask someone how you can get better. Seeing growth is a great way to look forward to a bright future.

(V) is for View. When others look for the worst in others, look for the best things that they bring to the table. See how you can turn negative into positive instead of keeping negative situations negative.

(E) is for Expect. Expect things to be positive in your life. When you hope for the best, things work out better for you. Keep expecting and protecting your dream to come true.

Each day, strive to be POSITIVE where you Pause, Own, Stay, Include, Think, Improve, View and Expect great results.

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