Friday, December 07, 2018

Limitless Creation, Limitless Power

One thing I talk about in my book Success Strategies for Black People, and one thing I have taught my students, is the Law of Increase. Whatever we focus on, concentrate on, increases. We can focus on the problem or the solution.  Whatever we give our energy to, we experience more of.  

In ancient times, only the privileged had access to the Law of Increase.  That was how they maintained their their power and privilege and that was how they increased it.   But we live in the information age now, and we have access to, and can use, these universal laws.  
What we give out, we get back.  Whatever energies we put out, be they negative or positive, the universe gives us back. 

Many people have an attitude of “leave it to god”. It's been called "learned helplessness". Given our experience over the last 500 years, it's understandable that people feel that way. But it's time to break out of that mentality now.  It's time to recognize our true power and our true worth. 

We have enormous power, but we don't use the power we have.  In fact, we have forgotten the power we have.  

SRT is just one way to enjoy our power.  For more information, check out Black Success:  How to Get Clear, Precise Answers.  

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