Monday, June 10, 2019

9-Year Old Girl Commits Suicide after Months of Being Bullied at Her School

McKenzie Adams, 9-\year-Old Suicide
McKenzie Adams, a 4th grader at U.S. Jones Elementary School in Alabama, died last week after she hung herself in their home. Her family blames racist bullying that apparently occurred at her school.  

Constant, unrelenting bullying - this may be what drove this little girl to take her own life.   

Jasmine Adams, McKenzie’s mother, was grieving for the death of her daughter. She said that McKenzie was being bullied at school and she told her teachers and her assistant principal about it.  

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This is what we mean when we talk about nonviolence and NVC - we are talking about life and death.  

This kind of tragic incident breaks my heart - I am sure it breaks yours, too.  And it is preventable.   

NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is about EMPATHY.   Terrible incidents such as these can be prevented when we have the skills to do so. 

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