Monday, June 08, 2020

How Can We Create a Peaceful World?

On my "Success Strategies" radio show, we asked the question, "How Can We Create a Peaceful World?". 

In Part 1, we talked about recent events, including the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.  We are all in shock about these incidents, especially as we watched George Floyd being killed before our eyes on TV.  Go here for Part 1, which links to Parts 2 and 3. 

Part 2 contained my recent interview with Carthenia Jefferson, one of the sistas from Black Women for Positive Change.  Carthenia is a member of the Birmingham, AL Black Nurses' Association and the National Black Nurses' Association.  She spoke about events they have held in the past for the Week of Nonviolence, and plans for this year under the covid-19 lockdown.  Go here for Part 2

In Part 3, we talked specifically about solutions.  We also talked about the fact that this is a global problem, it is not just about the U.S.  People in the UK have been demonstrating on a daily basis since the televised killing of George Floyd.  I talked specifically about the deaths of Cynthia Jarrett, Smiley Culture and Stephen Lawrence, and the shooting of Cherry Groce, all of which occurred in the UK. 

The Independent Police Complaint Commission have found that there is 'no evidence of a criminal offence' in the death of Smiley Culture, and that he stabbed himself to death while police were in attendance at his home.  Does this sound logical to you?  Anyway -   

Are the police the problem?  Do we need to abolish police?  And, if so, what can we put in their place?  How can we put more power into the hands of ordinary citizens?  And how can Nonviolent Communication (NVC) help us to transform these situations?  

Go here for Part 3

Many thanks to Naimah Latif for inviting me to host my show on her Blogtalk Radio channel, "The Female Solution".  See you again next month! 

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