Monday, June 26, 2006

Rene Carayol - Dedication and Motivation

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Anonymous said...

Kids Company 10yr Anniversary Wrap Party at the Shoreditch Town Hall, Thursday 23rd August, 6-11pm AND Rene Carayol will be closing the event.

The critically acclaimed Demons & Angels – Does it have to be this way? In the wake of recent tragic events including a series of gun crimes and murders in South London, Demons and Angels aims to stimulate a national debate on how polarised modern Britain has really become. Do the “angels” see the “demons” as thoughtless, random, self-centred and violent? Do the “demons” in turn see the “angels” as rich, uncaring and ungenerous? The exhibition will culminate in a conference in October 2007 bringing together leading policy makers, politicians, clinicians and academics to discuss the issues raised by the exhibition. Full details will be available nearer the time.

The exhibition has had excellent coverage in the national press; both broadsheets and tabloids as it is extremely powerful, however I’m concerned that there has not been a great attendance from black professionals, namely because the core subject base is at the heart of our community and affecting our children. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to make this happen! I am also passionate about raising awareness amongst black professionals and encouraging them to share their skills and knowledge with our youth in order to inspire them.

The focus of the discussion on the 23rd will be
•How do we HELP our children and young people to connect with their Angel within?
•What can we do, as members of our Community, to HELP raise our children and young people in a positive way?
•Rene Carayol closes

The evening will be rounded off with a performance and DJ. It will also be a great opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Please rsvp to:

planting the seed for change . . .