Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best, Most Highly Effective Strategies for Black People

Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman (Compass)This is Part 1 of a series.

I am going to cover some of the most effective, most powrful strategies we can use as people of African heritage.

(1) Know the power of your mind.

The human mind is incredibly powerful.

Black people have been brainwashed to believe that we don't have power - that all power rests in the hands of the white man, the white woman, the government, other people, etc.

You might think economic power lies in the hands of the banks, the stock market, or even the Bingo and lottery people. To read more about this, see: The Key to Financial Prosperity.

Yet, even when we deny our power, we still have it. You have the power to transform your life.

(2) Honour your history, your heritage and your ancestry.

When Europeans wanted to deny us our power, the first thing they did was to deny our history. Lies were told about our history and achievements. For example, white historians said that Great Zimbabwe must have been built by interplanetary travellers!

Malidoma Some was forced to speak French, forbidden to speak his own language, and never shown a map of his own country (Burkina Faso). He was one of the young people in the seminary being prepared for leadership. When he finally managed to escape, he could not even ask for directions to his home village. To read more, see Of Water and the Spirit.

He makes the point that all African leaders were educated in the same way.

This accounts for a lot of the corruption that is perpetrated by African politicians.

The second half of the book describes how he healed himself of his early experiences by reclaiming his traditions.

When you understand what was done to Black people, and the damage we have suffered, you begin to understand why we are not achieving our full potential.

We are the only ones who can repair the damage, and we have the power toheal ourselfs.

For more about this, see Success Strategies for Black People.

See also: Why We Need to Heal.

Learn the lessons of history. There are many Black history posts on this blog - please read them to learn more.

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Jamthelbg said...

Thank you for posting this. We have the power! We just need to realize our mind and spirit power in order to move foward. We also need to know our history. Our people have done wonderful things all around the world. We can use our history as a source of inspiration.

Lee Green said...

I look forward to learning more about your book. Identifying and then implementing effective strategies is vital for success today.