Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why Can't Successful Black Women Find Good Black Men? (Part 2)

Whenever we start to move towards our goals, whenever we start to move forward in a positive direction, we become more aware of what is getting in the way. As I say in Success Strategies for Black People, "Love always brings up its opposite for healing".

That is one reason why people don't come to this type of event. They allow their fears to get in the way.

If their friends and family members are saying, "What are you doing that for?", it just means those people's fears are being triggered.

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The Why Can't Successful Black Women Find Good Black Men? event was very stimulating. Click here to read more.

I disagreed with one of the brothas on the panel. He kept saying, "You are all competing for the same men.

"There are so many men who are married, so many are in prison, so many are dating exclusively outside the race. You are all competing for the ones that are left."

That is scarcity thinking. Scarcity thinking creates scarcity. Abundance thinking attracts abundance.

Click here to read about Changing Scarcity to Abundance.

One sista in the audience said, "I met my partner EIGHT HOURS after I finished with the previous one, and we are on our way to getting married".

She also said, "If you can't find a man here, travel. There's a whole world out there". Excellent advice, in my opinion.

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Here's to your success!

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