Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Best, Most Highly Effective Strategies for Black People (Part 3)

Part 3

Part 2 is about the three stages of successfully manifesting what we want. Click here to read it.

Strategy 4 - Learn from Positive Role Models.

History has given us many, many Black achievers. And there are more and more Black people achieving success every day.

For example, Diane Abbott, MP, the first African Caribbean woman to be elected to the House of Commons, is now in the running for the Labour Party leadership. To read my interview with her, see Black Success Stories.

Often, we don't know about Black achievement. These stories are not readily available. We need to seek them out.

Read about successful Black people. Learn about what they achieved and how they achieved it. Study their lives and apply this knowledge to your own life.

To read more, see Do You Think Like a Success?

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