Monday, May 30, 2011

Chocolate Naomi + N-Word Ben

I actually agreed with Anne Diamond on the Wright Stuff today. Just goes to show you anything is possible.

She strongly insisted that the Cadbury's Bliss chocolate bar ad that states "Move over Naomi, there's new diva in town" is racist as it refers to Black people as "chocolate". Anne, you have really changed. The Wright Stuff never ceases to surprise me. As a Buddhist, I believe people are capable of changing, and this just proves that it is true.

Of course, the other two white people on the panel insisted that it's not racist - and so did Hardeep Singh. I attended an event during the Bicentenary in 2007 in which a white woman on the panel said "White people are always saying we are not racist. But Black people know that everything we say and do proves that we are". Too right.

Anne Diamond about also reported on an incident at the Baftas which has been reported in the Times, in which a "leading figure" in the fashion world verbally abused the TV presenter Ben Douglas, repeated calling him the "N-word". Twitter has named this abusive person.

Ben reckons the guy was "bonding with him" by using this term. Click here to read more.

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