Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Uh-Oh, Now He's Said It

African American Pundit (formerly AAPP) asks:
I am wondering out loud, if Corporate black blogs like The Root and The Grio are working to control black political thought in America?
That's right, he said it, y'all.

He continues:
It gets under my black skin, that so-called black bloggers at (white controlled) corporate black blogs like The Root, owned by the Washington Post, and the The Grio, owned by NBC, are nothing more than a group of organized Obama loyalist who seem to never report on how blacks will lose $194 billion in wealth through 2012, or how the housing crisis continues to hits blacks the hardest and how President Obama (as Russell Simmons recently pointed out in his Open Letter To President Barack Obama) has all but ignored the plight of black America.
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My sources tell me that a lot of President Obama's policies have directly benefited the Black community, including, but not limited to, the healthcare reform bill.

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