Monday, June 06, 2011

Do We Need to Learn from White People?

A few years ago, someone wrote a book in which he said that in order to be successful, we need to think like white people. I strongly disagree. We don’t need to think like white people, we need to think like successful Black people. Like London-based PR guru, Mavis Amankwah, pictured, whom I interviewed in MBS 10.

Recently, on my radio show, What U Need to Know, a brother called in and was talking about books where we can learn about how to be successful in business. He talked about Think and Grow Rich and he also mentioned Robert Kiyosaki. I said, it’s fine to read those books, we can learn from anybody. And there are plenty of successful Black people who we can learn from. That is why I publish Black Success Stories and the More Black Success free ebooks.

We have many, many successful people we can learn from in our own community, who reflect us culturally. We need to learn from the experts.

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Kevin Bonds said...

I believe that we as black people share a rich history of those who have contributed so much to societies around the world and our success can be achieved by learning ones history. Understanding this principle from my opinion will free black people from self hatred that is so prevalent when it comes to black success and support of black owned ventures.

Zhana21 said...

I completely agree. Thanks for your comment, Kevin.