Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What Is the Value of International Networking for People of African Heritage?

I am an African American woman based in London, and I meet people from all over the world. Many of us are facing similar difficulties and challenges. We have a shared history as African people and we have a great deal we can learn from each other.

In my More Black Success free ebooks and the What U Need to Know radio show which I co-present, our emphasis is on networking internationally as people of African heritage.

We profile successful Black people all over the world.

For more about this, see: International Networking.

Historically, Black people have been taught to hate and mistrust each other as a way of controlling us. We need to overcome these barriers. We are all African people.

We are much stronger and more effective when we work together, for our common interests as African people.

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Click here to listen to a short audio recap on African Networking.


Sriomboelrat.exm said...

I appreciate your endeavor!
However, the vice of disunity among Africans is deeply rooted and sowed into their hearts to the extent that I some times believe it is a natural trait among us. Hopefully and as time goes by with such effort being input, Africans can change this "trait" and network for the betterment of all.
Aluta Continua!!!

Zhana21 said...

Thanks for your comment. Disunity is a natural trait among all human beings, to a certain extent, but it has been exacerbated among African people.