Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Detroit Mother Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Daughter

The child was just a few days short of her ninth birthday.  She died from multiple stab wounds.  

This mother was obviously disturbed - I say "obviously"  because of her behaviour - and needed help.  She needed support.  She was abusing her five children in front of other people - obviously, she was desperate for help. 

This kind of thing is often preventable.  Be very clear, I am NOT suggesting that our communities are the only communities afflicted with domestic violence and abuse.  

What I am saying is that this kind of thing can be prevented.  The woman's family and friends reported her to the authorities numerous times, but the family did not get the help they needed and now one of the children is dead.  

Please, please read my book Success Strategies for Black People.  I am passionate about helping more people find out about Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), which can prevent tragedies such as this from occurring.  SRT is a form of energy therapy which brings about miraculous results in many cases.  For more about SRT, listen to my short recording on Your Inner Wisdom.  This is just one of the methods I cover in Success Strategies

Plus, we need to unlearn some of our patterns of toxic communication.  Toxic communication affects our relationships with partners, work colleagues and family members.  We have inherited some of these patterns because of the slavery experience.  

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can transform violent situations and is helping people all over the world to transform their lives.  For more about NVC, please read Success Strategies for Black People.  Please also share this with anyone who can benefit from it - social workers, counsellors, anyone who is working within the Black community or who is working to combat domestic violence.  

We can transform our lives and the lives of people in our families and communities. 

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