Monday, June 24, 2013

From Limitation to Manifestation

In a recent audio on Manifest Everything Now, entitled "Manifest the Life You Want - by Removing What is REALLY in Your Way", Esperanza Universal shared how to move from lack and limitation to abundance. She also shared her

4 Steps to Transformation:

1) Be aware of your pure feelings (emotions). Sadness, anger, whatever is there. If you bury your feelings, they will continue to run you. [This is one of the things I have been saying in the Black Success audios.]

2) Slightly trace the feeling to an origin. Do not dwell on it. Do not build your life on it. Do not base your life on feelings. They are not your essence. But they are a human experience.

3) Bring it to the present moment. Who am I today? I am a loving being. I am powerful. I am a divine being. I am whole. 

4) Your essence is love, peace, joy and freedom. The part of you that experiences lack and fear and limitation is really just belief systems that you have put in your way. Your essence is a divine essence.  

She also spoke about how to move from limitation, lack and debt to manifestation.  

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