Monday, June 03, 2013

Train Your Mind to Bring You Wealth

I’ve been using the Money Jars for just over a year, and although I thought I understood them, I’ve only just begun to get the point of them.

The Money Jars are not just a method of saving up for what you want. They are a lot more than that.

The Money Jars are a way of training your unconscious mind to bring you more financial wealth.

The Law of Increase states that what we focus on increases, what we concentrate on increases, what we dwell on increases – in our minds, and in our lives.

Many years before The Secret, and before the Law of Attraction became popular, I was using the Law of Increase and teaching it to my students.

The Law of Increase works in the same way as the Law of Attraction. The only difference is that the LOI focuses on thoughts, whereas the LOA focuses on feelings and emotions.

For more about the Law of Increase, see my book Success Strategies for Black People.

The Financial Freedom Jar is one of the Money Jars, so I’ll use this as an example. With the Financial Freedom Jar (also known as the Permanent Wealth Jar), you put in money every day, and NEVER, EVER take it out. This gives the message to your unconscious mind that money is flowing into your life every day.

The Financial Freedom Jar is a practical demonstration to your unconscious mind. It is a practical action you can take every day to give the message about financial prosperity and abundance to your unconscious mind. And as I am sure you know, your unconscious mind is tremendously powerful.

If you concentrate on debt and lack, what do you think will result from this? This is what is known as “poverty consciousness”. The Money Jars teach your unconscious mind to focus on prosperity, on wealth, and on wealth accumulation.

What do you think will result from your shifting your focus from lack to abundance and financial prosperity?

If you would like help with shifting your focus, see “Eliminate Your Blocks to Receiving Abundance”.

Here’s to your success!

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