Monday, November 30, 2020

Six-Year-Old Girl Arrested; 14-Year-Old Honestie Hodges Dies


As I said in my previous post, why was this child arrested?  What could she possibly have done to warrant her being taken out of her classroom and led away in handcuffs?  

Did she kill somebody?  

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I have now watched the full video - apparently, the child threw a temper tantrum.  A TEMPER TANTRUM, Y'ALL!!!  The teacher thought the appropriate thing to do in this situation was to call the cops.  The cops came and arrested this six-year-old girl, and as far as I can tell, did not even read her her rights or tell her the charges against her.

Another question:  Why did they arrest her before her grandmother arrived?  There are a lot of child protection issues and safeguarding issues here.  Could this really not have waited until her grandmother was able to get there, to talk to the child, to ride with her in the police car, to be there with her when she was arrested?

And another:  what kind of psychological scarring has she been left with?  She is going to make some therapist very wealthy one day.  

I have now learned about another handcuffing incident.  Honestie Hodges, 11 years of age  when she was arrested and handcuffed AT GUNPOINT, has now sadly died of covid-19 at the age of 14.   George Stinney was the same age when he was executed.  

Apparently, the police mistook Honestie for a middle-aged white woman who was a suspect in a stabbing.  

Again, I have questions about the type of psychological damage she will have suffered.  We may never know the answers in Honestie's case.  

The United States incarcerates more children than any other country.  We have a long history of arresting and incarcerating children, including George Stinney, who was executed at the age of 14

Also, check out this article about the incarceration of children in the U.S.  The rate of arrest and incarceration of Black children in the U.S. is twice the rate for white children. 

I'm so upset about these incidents, both recent and historic, and I'm sure you are, too.  To see young lives cut short by the criminal injustice system is just heartbreaking. 

Go here for my blog post, How to Escape from the Prison System.

We have so much power.  It's time we started to use it for our benefit.

Go here for How to Get Clear, Precise Answers.  Our minds are incredibly powerful, and we MUST use them to protect our children and protect our communities.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can help to PREVENT these kinds of incidents from happening.  Go here for some NVC resources and go here for books about NVC.

As I said above, my work is about solutions.   Please share this with your networks and please comment below.

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