Friday, November 27, 2020

Brilliant Video: You about to Lose Your Job

Brilliant video:  You about to Lose Your Job. 

I saw this on this article from The Root:  White Couple Lose Jobs and Face Eviction.   This white couple decided to verbally abuse a Lyft driver, repeatedly calling him a "sand n-word" because he insisted that they wear face masks while he drove them during the pandemic.  The woman RECORDED THE INCIDENT on her phone. 

As a result, the couple have lost their jobs and are facing eviction from their home.   

I am wondering, how can we get other white people to record their own racist and abusive behaviour? 

My heart is breaking.  My tears are flowing.  No, hang on, wait a minute, those tears are for all the Black people who have lost their jobs, been denied opportunities, been unlawfully detained, been falsely convicted of crimes and been killed in officer-related incidents.  

See also:  Six-Year-Old Girl Arrested.  This child was taken out of the classroom in handcuffs. 

See also:  Injustice:  The Film the Police Tried to Ban.  

The government have told us to wear face masks in order to avoid infecting others with covid-19.  If the covid restrictions are getting you down, check out my Coronavirus Resources

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