Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Domestic Violence + the Coronavirus Crisis

As we all know, for many, the current covid-19 outbreak is having tragic, even lethal consequences.  And the long-term impact on the economy is yet to be seen. 

The global lockdown in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic is having many positive, beneficial consequences.  Street crime, burglary and other crimes are down (although cyber crime and internet fraud are on the increase).  The air quality has improved, and the impact on the environment means that fewer are animals dying.  Go here for more about the positive aspects of the coronavirus.  It's useful to have a fresh perspective. 
However, one of the many downsides is that people locked down togther for an ongoing period of time are more likely to experience domestic violence.  Some sistas are locked down with their abusers - and even their killers.

For Black Women Suffering Domestic Abuse, Coronavirus Quarantines are Life-Threatening.

Four in 10 Black women experience physical abuse. We’re also more likely to endure psychological abuse such as humiliation, bullying, name-calling, coercion and control.

Although we are being told, "Stay inside, don't go out", the message to any woman in a violent situation remains:  Get Out!

Go here for more about how to escape from a violent situation, and where to find resources to support you.  Remember, our self-care MUST be our priority.

Go here for more about how the coronavirus is disrupting all of our lives - as well as being potentially postive for our future

Go here for more about how we can look after our mental health during the coronavirus crisis

And, as we all need to smile and laugh more than ever these days, go here for some coronavirus humour.

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