Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lockdown Learning: Black History Quizzes

Garrett Morgan
The covid-19 lockdown offers us a great opportunity to brush up on Black history.  And if your children are bored at home, you can complete these online quizzes with them.  They provide fun for the whole family.  

If you are serious about Black history, you will want to read my book Black Success Stories, in which I interviewed the late Len Garrison, founder of the Black Cultural Archives, and Jak Buela, creator of the Black history quiz game “Nubian Jak
and author of Nubian Jak's Book of World FactsGarrison describes how he collected Black archive material and explains you can research your family history. “Nubian Jak” shares a huge range of factual information about Black people all over the world.

This is an easy quiz, accessible for children and young people. It focuses primarily on U.S. Black history. 

And remember, every month is Black History Month.   

Sample question: Garrett Morgan is responsible for which two inventions?
  1. Traffic light, gas mask
  2. Traffic light,cars
  3. Gas mask,stop sign

This is a slightly harder Black history quiz. This one also focuses primarily on African American (U.S.) history.

Sample question: She starred in an all-black version of the play, Hello Dolly!
  • Pearl Bailey
  • Leontyne Price
  • Josephine Baker
  • Isadora Duncan

This one is slightly harder. Again, this quiz focuses primarily on African American (U.S.) history.

Sample question: What was the first American state to ban slavery?

Go here for my short film Harriet, a Choreopoem, which imagines a meeting between Harriet Tubman and Harriet Jacobs.

I am listing resources for the Coronavirus lockdown, including meditation, relaxation, music, financial abundance resources and more, here.

Tomorrow, I will post about online African history quizzes.  


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