Monday, September 14, 2020

Girl Knocked Unconscious in Racist Attack after Telling Boy “My Black is Beautiful”

Nevaeh Thomas, an 11-year old girl from Kansas City, says that she was racially harassed and assaulted by a 12-year old boy while playing outside. The boy allegedly began calling her racial slurs and then knocked her unconscious when she told him “my Black is beautiful.” 

Go here to read more about this.  

I see this photograph of her lying wounded in a hospital bed and it just breaks my heart.  

Your Black IS beautiful, baby.   One has to wonder why this boy is so hateful at the age of 12.  Why can't he tolerate a Black child celebrating her own beauty?  So sad.  These stories break my heart.  

This is just one more reason why we need Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and The Blogging Carnival for Nonviolence.  

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