Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Global Peace Summit with Naimah Latif

I am delighted to invite you to The Global Peace Summit with Naimah Latif, owner and Executive Producer of The Female Solution, which will be held this weekend. We will be live on Blogtalk Radio, on Facebook and on Zoom - see below for details including the full schedule.

The presenters on The Female Solution - including me - will speak during the weekend, sharing thoughts about practical methods for achieving and maintaining global peace. I will be speaking about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) on Friday at 10 a.m. Central Time/4 p.m. UK time.

The full schedule is below. Please join us for as much of the programming as you can, and please share this with your networks.

As we are still reeling from the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so many others, never was there more of a need for the Global Peace Summit.

For more about the Global Peace Summit, see:  How Can We Create aPeaceful World? Part 5. For more information, check out The Female Solution on Facebook.  

We will be live on Zoom (with segments heard on Blogtalk Radio on Soul Purpose Healing, It’s My House, and The Female Solution Radio show.)

Friday, August 28, 2020 9 am-2 pm Central Time / 3 pm-8 pm UK time

Zoom Meeting ID: 853 2272 7205 Passcode: 200663Okk

Saturday August 29, 2020 9 am-2 pm Central Time / 3 pm-8 pm UK time

Zoom Meeting ID: 853 5219 9959 Passcode: 040656

This two-day international meeting of the minds will feature presenters from all around the world sharing programs that provide for the health, interests, rights and needs of the people.  Many organizations whose members envision a world of peaceful coexistence through cooperation and mutual respect have demonstrated great success with initiatives that provide solutions to the challenges we face.  This gathering is for the purpose of sharing these solutions so that each of our local successes can spread to the global community. The format is as follows:

Each half hour segment will feature three presenters that give a five minute synopsis of their program, their successes, the challenges they overcame and their website and contact information. In the next 10 minutes, members of the audience may ask a one-minute question or make a one-minute statement regarding the information presented.

Watch us live on Zoom or listen live on Blogtalk Radio and call in and comment:

Friday, August 28th

9-10 am Central / 3-4 pm BST


10am -12 noon Central / 4 pm-6 pm BST



12 noon to 2 pm / 6 pm-8 pm BST


Saturday August 29th 2020

9 am-11 am Central / 3 pm-5 pm BST


11 am-2 pm Central / 5 pm-8 pm BST,



The program is as follows:

Friday, August 28, 2020

9:00 Introduction of Presenters for the Day

9:30 Energy Healing: The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

10:00 Non-Violent Communication: The Foundation For Peace (with Zhana)

10:30 How To Discipline Children Without Hitting Them

11:00 Peace Schools: Teaching Values in The Classroom

11:30 Cooperative Farming, Urban Gardening

12:00 Avoid Hospitals With Healthy Food Prepared At Home

12:30 Humanity First: Helping Our Neighbors

1:00 Housing Cooperatives, Tiny Houses

1:30 Solar Energy, Own Your Own Power

2:00 Closing

Saturday August  29, 2020

9:00 Introduction of Presenters For the Day

9:30 Bitcoin: A New Global Currency Empowering People

10:00 The Pan African Connection: Doing Business Overseas

10:30 Ending Conflict Through Interfaith Communications

11:00 Declaration of Peace, Cessation of War (DPCW)

11:30 Ethics In Elections: How To Protect Your Vote

12:00 Creating A Culture of Gender Equality

12:30 Redefining Manhood: Bringing Fathers Back Home

1:00 After Incarceration: Transforming New Citizens

1:30 Security With The Right Spirit: Police Officers Who Pray

2:00 Closing

For more information, check out The Female Solution on Facebook.  

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