Monday, December 06, 2021

Covid-19 Pandemic Lies and Manipulation

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Above is a very interesting panel discussion about how we are being lied to by the media and the government, this film has a very strong unity message. We are being turned against each other – those who have chosen to have the jab and those of us who have not. We need to show unity within our community. Even though we have made different choices, that is not a reason to fall out. We still need to have unity.

Dr. Christina Parks, a cellular and molecular biologist, says that a lot of information is being censored. The science is not being allowed to be shared.

Go here for my previous blog about her: What the Media Won’t Tell You. She is showing amazing courage, knowledge and understanding. That video was taken down, as YouTube claimed that Dr Boyce Watkins and Dr. Parks were disseminating false medical information. But when Dr. Watkins explained to them that Dr. Parks is a cellular and molecular biologist, they put the video back up.

Other panellists include Maj Toure, Jay Morrison and Tee Khaaliq.

The points made by the panel members are in bold below. The non-emboldened comments are my own. I have not recorded every comment here.

Point 1: Dr. Parks says the cancelling and the censoring tells us everything. See below for Point 3: Media manipulation.

Point 2: Dr. Parks says the vaccine does NOT prevent transmission. You can still have a high viral load and still be spreading it after being vaccinated. You can still have the virus and have no symptoms

Point 3: Dr. Parks says natural immunity is much better than a vaccine because it creates a response to the whole of the virus, so the immune system recognises the virus when it mutates and creates more variants. The immune system recognises this, whereas the vaccine only recognises part of the virus [i.e., the spike protein]. The immune system gives a fuller, more robust response than the vaccine does.

She has testified before the Michigan House of Representatives, where she quoted the Director of the CDC in saying that these vaccines do not prevent transmission of the virus.

What she does not mention in this video is that the way we get natural immunity is to catch the virus, and the virus is killing people. So this is a risky strategy. Not arguing with the factual information, however.

Point 4: Media manipulation: anyone who speaks against the mainstream narrative is censored. Isn’t censorship illegal in the U.S.? Doesn’t the Constitution guarantee freedom of expression? Apparently not.

Point 5: Tee Khaaliq says: This situation is creating unnecessary division among Black people. There is a lot of shaming of other African Americans who speak out against the jab (as we can no longer use the v-word). See censorship above. We need to be bringing on the dissenters and the dissenting views.

Point 6: Dr. Parks says: Black people produce twice as many antibodies as white people in response to RNA viruses as well as certain jabs that contain the RNA.

The vaccine induces a hyper-inflammatory response. In Africa, as it is a very sunny climate, the sun killed all the RNA viruses, so we did not need the same type of defences as Europeans. We can take care of the co-morbidity. A drug can control metabolic syndrome in Black people and has been used as an anti-malarial for 70 years. Inflammation can be caused by metabolic syndrome. This drug can control metabolic syndrome. Obesity can be driven by inflammation. This biochemistry needs to be addressed.

Michael Jackson said it: They don’t really care about us.

This drug would reduce the underlying predisposition to the inflammation of Covid in our communities. Yet, we are being told it is unsafe. But they have been giving it out in Africa for 70 years.

Dr. Parks is banned from most media. She is dropping science, but most people don’t get to hear it because she is being heavily censored.

This was an absolutely fascinating discussion. Dr. Parks has given us a lot of technical information. It might be a little hard to follow, but this is information we need to address serious health issues in our communities.

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