Monday, December 20, 2021

Wangari Maathi Planted Millions of Trees as a Form of Resistance and Empowerment

Wangari Maathi
Check out this piece on Wangari Maathi, The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees.  As a child growing up in Kenya, she saw the colonial settlers chop down trees in order to grow cash crops such as tea.  Later on after colonisation effectively ended, she saw Kenyans do the same thing in order to survive.  

At that time, girls were rarely educated, but Maathi's mother made sure she got an education.  

I found this piece very inspiring, and I trust that you will, too.  

Trees connect us to something elemental in nature, and to our own elemental nature.  



For more about trees, check out this poem by Ursula K. LeGuin, and this one by Mary Oliver.  

What is your relationship with trees like?  Please post your answer below and please share this with your networks.  Thanks.  

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