Thursday, September 02, 2021

Dr. Christina Parks - What the Media Won't Tell You

Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in cell and molecular biology, was a guest on Dr. Boyce Watkins's show recently. Check out what she said, above. 

The mainstream media tend to just give us the same narrative.  How can we make decisions about covid-19 and whether or not to have the vaccine when we don't have the full facts?  There is a huge amount of factual information which we don't necessarily get to see or hear.  

On the same subject, check out this short film of Dr. Michael McDowell, a pastor from Trinidad, telling us his take on the probable true cost of the vaccine (in human terms, not financial terms) and what we can expect for the future.  

Go here for resources to help you survive and thrive during the covid-19 panidemic.  

What do you think the pandemic and/or the vaccine has in store for us?  Please comment below and please share.  Thanks.  


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