Monday, October 04, 2021

Success Strategies with Zhana: Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Joy Gardner
On my most recent show (see link below), we discussed the fact that Sarah Everard, a young white woman, was murdered by a serving police officer, a member of the Metropolitan Police.  His killer was recently sentenced to life imprisonment, which is an increase of his original 20-year sentence.  

Earlier this year, a vigil for Sarah was broken up by the police in a very heavy-handed way.  People, particularly women, are justifiably angered and appalled and Harriet Harmon MP has called for Cressida Dick's resignation. 

It's 28 years since Joy Gardner died in the custody of police and immigration officers.  But those involved in her death have never been prosecuted.  And nobody has held a vigil for Joy.  The documentary-maker Ken Fero called for Cressida Dick's resignation over the death of Joy Gardner.  Go here for my conversation with Ken

One rule for us, another rule for them. We discussed this on my recent show, Success Strategies with Zhana:  Do Black Lives Really Matter?  


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