Sunday, January 24, 2010

150,000 Reported Dead in Haiti

The current death toll in the Haiti earthquake disaster is 150,000 people. Many more are still buried under the rubble. Click here to read more.

Many more are at risk of death due to
  • starvation
  • thirst
  • serious injuries
  • lack of medical care and supplies.
Many people are having to have limbs amputated. There is a lack of anaesthesia and other medical supplies. Many people all over the world are raising money to help the victims of this devastating earthquake. There are many initiativef from Black/African communities all over the world.

Click here to read more about grassroots organising for Haiti.

Click here for more about how you can help.

A lot of the devastation was preventable - the infrastructure of Haiti has literally been crumbling for many years. Let us work together to bring about a more positive future for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

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